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How to choose a dental office Madrid?

There is a wide range of dental clinics in Madrid, varying in price and service. You will see that there are many franchises with very low prices. In our experience, especially in health related issues, you should choose a dental office that even if it is a little more expensive, the service is more personalised.

Medical dentist in Madrid

  • Check-ups and treatment follow-ups should be done face-to-face, not online. At 32Dental we are always available by WhatsApp/email/phone…etc to answer your questions on the spot, always followed by an appointment in person as soon as possible to make sure that you receive the best care.
  • Look always for a certified doctor by COEM “Colegio oficial de Odontólogos y estomatólogos de la I Región” (Official College of Dentists and Stomatologists from the 1st region- Madrid). Look up your doctor here:
  • And of course, have a look at their website and Google reviews! And search for reviews in English, that way you have an idea of their fluency!

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Do I need Cigna Insurance Madrid?

Spain is not like the U.S. or the U.K., where dental treatments are extremely expensive if you choose a private practice. Prices without insurance are practically the same.

At 32Dental we don’t work with dental insurance companies because we focus on the patient needs and we try to work within their budget, we never quote anything the patient doesn’t need to reach a commission.

Dentist without insurance Madrid

At the office we use x-rays and introral pictures to show you exactly what you need or how we can fix any issue that you have!

Our doctors always explain which treatments are more urgent and there are payment plans available.

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