Orthodontic treatments Madrid

Orthodontic treatments Madrid: Invisalign, braces and retainers Madrid

Dental alignment with advanced technology

Invisalign System: Invisible Ortodontics Madrid

Clear aligners are custom-made and removable: they accompany you through your treatment while your life goes on without interruption.

Why choose clear aligners Madrid to align your smile?

  • Millions of patients worldwide rely on clear aligners.
  • Personalized treatment with professional assistance using 3D digital tooth simulations to map the movement of each tooth.
  • Innovative treatment planning based on years of research and data.
  • Clear aligners use advanced dental alignment technology to transform smiles.
  • Customized and comfortable, with no brackets or wires so you can get on with life as normal.

Do you want to know more?

Nowadays you will find many options of invisible orthodontics, in clinics and online. That is why it is important to choose good professionals and trustworthy clinics.

First visit. Free evaluation

This appointment is for you to explain what you are looking for, what problems you want to correct and the results you are looking for. With all this information and with the oral exploration and a 3D scan we will show you a first simulation of the type of treatment you need.

3D Planning

To prepare your personalized treatment plan together with Invisalign specialists, we take professional photos, X-rays and additional measurements, as well as a 3D scan.


Each pair of aligners is changed every 7-10 days, so you take home your Invisalign kit and aligners until your next visit. Check-ups are done monthly and we control that your teeth follow the 3D treatment plan.

At 32Dental we are specialists in the Invisalign System. Make an appointment and we will answer all your questions.

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orthodontic treatments madrid