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A short overview of the type of procedures we perform at 32Dental. All treatments are performed under local anesthesia so the patient is conscious but does not feel any pain during the treatment. (For US patient, where sedation is more common, be aware that in Spain clinics must meet very strict requirements and certifications to offer that service, and only a few do).

Cleaning and sealing of the canals with biocompatible materials in order to avoid extractions of dental pieces and to preserve their masticatory and aesthetic function.

Gingivitis, periodontitis, gum recession, connective tissue grafts...
We take care of your gums and advise you on how to perform a correct oral hygiene.

Oral surgery and dental implant specialists.
Based on a previous study, we evaluate the techniques and procedures to be adopted, always looking for the most appropriate result in each case.

Dental aesthetics focuses on obtaining a healthy and well balanced smile.
We achieve this with Teeth whitening, crowns, porcelain or composite veneers, dentures, resconstructios...

A relaxed and friendly environment for your children not to be afraid of the dentist.
We specialise in dental treatments for children from 12 months to teenagers.

Our goal is to have a correct position of the maxillofacial bones and a stable occlusion (or bite) as well as perfectly aligned teeth.

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