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Root canals in Madrid

Root canals are performed on teeth that have had deep decay or have suffered severe trauma. The goal is to preserve your tooth and prevent an extraction.

  • A root canal treatment consists of removing the nerve inside the tooth, cleaning, disinfecting and sealing that tooth to avoid future infections and other issues. After the root canal, the tooth will need a restorative treatment such as a filling, reconstruction or dental crown.
  • A root canal can be performed in just one visit, although,depending on the case, antiinflammatory medication must be placed inside the tooth, therefore increasing the total number of visits.
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What are the alternatives?

When a tooth causes pain and/or infection, the first alternative is a root canal, but if the tooth is badly damaged, or has a poor prognosis or the patient simply does not want to be treated, the next alternative is an extraction, since keeping an infected tooth in the mouth is a risk to the patient’s general health. If the tooth is extracted, restorative alternatives such as implants, bridges and prostheses will be evaluated, but the ideal is to keep our tooth.

What aftercare do I need?

A tooth with a root canal will always require restorative treatment, either a filling or a crown (cap). As there is no nerve, since it has been removed, if there is any problem in the tooth, it will not react with the usual mechanism, pain, so it is necessary to carry out periodic check-ups, maintain good hygiene and not subject the tooth to extreme loads (nuts, crunchy foods) as it can fracture more easily.

Are root canals painful?

The treatment is performed under local anesthesia so no pain is felt during its completion. Subsequently you may feel a slight discomfort that will subside within a few days and is easily controlled by taking an analgesic / anti-inflammatory prescribed by your specialist.

The procedure: Tooth pain Madrid

After numbing and isolating the tooth, a small opening is made and the nerve canal entrances are located. These are cleaned and disinfected and instrumented and then sealed to prevent the passage of bacteria.

The result: Endodontist Madrid

Maintain the tooth, resolve infection and restore function.