Treatments: Dentist for kids Madrid

Pediatric dentistry Madrid

Pediatric dentistry takes care of children’s mouths and lays the foundations of a good dental education, accompanying them in their growth, in order to maintain good oral health throughout their lives.

Nutritional advice, teaching correct brushing, evaluating the eruption of permanent teeth, taking care of primary teeth and mixed dentition, assessing the need for functional appliances in case of orthodontic needs are some of the many things that make Pediatric Dentistry fundamental in the development and maintenance of adult dentition.

pediatric dentistry madrid

Most frequent dental treatments for kids in Madrid

Preventive treatments are not uncomfortable and if anesthesia is necessary, our specialists know the proper techniques to make them painless. These are the most frequent treatments performed at 32Dental:

  • The first appointment with our little ones, in which no treatment is usually performed (unless it is an emergency), is Desensitization, so that they get used to the clinic.
  • Dental hygiene + Prophylaxis. Cleaning instructions and correct brushing
  • Groove and fissure sealants, for cavity prevention.
  • Cavities
  • Orthodontics and space maintainers.
  • Dental anomalies of eruption, position or number (agenesis).

Prevention: The Key to children's dental care in Madrid

Educating and teaching our children to take care of their mouths from the time they are small creates a positive habit that they will thank us for all their adult lives. We must be attentive since the first teeth come out, because, even if they are temporary teeth it is very important that they maintain proper hygiene because if not the infections of these teeth can damage the permanent teeth or even cause serious damage to the mouth.

The procedure

The treatments in pediatric dentistry are usually really simple interventions that do not involve any complication for dental professionals.

The result

A tooth that is completely numb and will no longer cause discomfort and pain.