Treatments: Dental surgery Madrid

Oral surgery and Dental implants Madrid

What happens when a tooth cannot be saved? Once it is determined that a tooth cannot be reconstructed or that the risk of keeping it in the mouth is greater than the benefit, tooth extraction is then performed. This may be recommended for many reasons, from very extensive cavities or teeth with a very pronounced mobility, to orthodontic indications due to lack of space or wisdom teeth.

Tooth extraction can be simple or complex, depending on the conditions of the tooth, and once extracted, as there is a space in such a small cavity, multiple consequences are usually observed, such as the displacement of other teeth into the space, changes in the bite, accumulation of food, development of caries and periodontal pockets in the teeth adjacent to the space, to name a few of them. It is therefore essential, once the healing period is over, to replace the tooth either with dental implants or prostheses.

Dental implants. What are they?

The dental implant, commonly called “screw”, is a specially treated or engineered piece of titanium, one of the most biocompatible materials available, which is placed in the bone, to subsequently screw or cement, through the appropriate attachments, a crown with a custom-made dental anatomy.

Wisdom teeth removal Madrid

Depending on the number of missing teeth, it will be necessary placing one or more implants and designing the subsequent rehabilitation according to the number of teeth to be replaced.

What aftercare do I need?

After the implant placement surgery, the specialist will prescribe antibiotic, analgesic and/or anti-inflammatory medication. In addition, good hygiene will be essential and limit harmful habits such as smoking. Once the crown has been placed on the implant, periodic check-ups and cleanings will be necessary to maintain optimum levels of gum and bone.

What if I don't have enough bone?

Some patients, due to their age or bone loss related to infection, do not have sufficient bone volume to place an implant. In those cases there are different treatments we can perform: sinus lifts, bone regeneration and tissue regeneration.

These surgeries require a professional with years of training, a close follow up and several check-up appointments to avoid infections and other complicatios.

At 32Dental we are extremely careful with our surgery patients, available 24hours for emergencies.

The procedure: Teeth extraction Madrid

After a first study phase in which X-rays and 3D tests are performed to determine the ideal position of the implant and bone availability, treatment the surgery is performed to insert the implant(s) into the bone.

The result: Oral surgery Madrid

After an adequate period of time to favor the integration of the implant in the bone (osseointegration), the prosthesis (crown) is inserted on the implant, thus finalizing the process.